Worldwide censorship concerns

Dear next generation,

Let me share this recent news article with you. Last week European chief commissioner Neelie Kroes (digital portfolio) expressed her concern about the rising trade barrier with China through China’s internet censorship regime. She is concerned this matter is of worldwide importance and wants the World Trade Organization to address this issue. She mentioned the problem to Chinese vice-premier Zhang Dejiang during her five day visit in China. Kroes commented on this issue after the publication of a new action plan in Europe. The European Commission outlined this action plan to boost Europe’s prosperity and well-being as a part of the Digital Agenda. (European Union, 2010)

Trying to influence the Chinese government’s decision through a WTO trade agreement is not uncommon. The Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) from 1994 is still waiting for all WTO countries to be complaint within TRIP’s requirements. The question is could internet censorship be a part of a worldwide regime? Can all countries agree on how to censor the internet or does their background make them differ too much?

Well as the next generation you might know what happened to the globalisation of internet censorship. Just remember that it all began with individual visions, like the one of Baruch Spinoza. His work, political treatise, was banned for centuries in The Netherlands. Now he is one of the 50 history topics that every Dutch student is obligated to study at school.

From one generation to another,


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