The Digital Life: Introduction

Dear next generation,

You might have heard your grandparents talking about ‘the happening’ and their hippy days. You might have wondered how your grandparents survived without the technology you use today. Or maybe not. Maybe this feels like a part of you and you never wonder why you have legs, organs and eyes so why would you think about the technology in your digital life?

Dear next generation, I want to share the history of your present life with you. As of today I will write you blog posts explaining what is happening in the world. Why your digital life became so digital. How my grandparents grew up around the nineteen hundreds with the Telegraph connecting the world in Morse code. What influence connection has on our daily lives, the different identities we create and our desire to participate in new developments.

How governments try to control us and how the public finds new ways of writing history. My parents tied themselves to a tree and fought against nuclear bombs, marched through the streets for woman’s rights. What did they achieve and how do we try to fight for justice and freedom now? Is the free software movement my generation’s protest? Am I a member of the new generation of hippies when I claim my right to create and view what I want with no censorship at all? Let’s explore.

From one generation to another,



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